Tuesday, May 12, 2015


So...tying things together...

I'm still dealing with a one-shot class where the instructor may or may not be on board.  Assessing the students would definitely require buy in on their part.  My thought is to create a couple of assessment activities -- one that could be done as part of the class and one that enlists the instructor.

Potential conflicts -- I cannot imagine students willing to do any kind of prep if the activity is ungraded.  I can recommend that students examine periodicals before class, but I cannot insist.

Tools I can use -

  • a debate between groups over which source type is "best"
  • a one minute paper on what source type you might use for a practical class (drawing for example)
  • have students examine a reference list and decide as a group what each source is
  • have students create a bibliography describing each source type

These assessments could get at understanding, but would not necessarily give me assurance that the student will expand their knowledge into other classes.

Do my learning goals help the students assess their own performance?    I don't know.  It might help them reflect on the usefulness of each source type.

I think overall, the goals and the assessments fit together.  My concern is applicability to the larger picture (I almost wrote "to the larger student" but thought better of it).  I want students to think 


but in a one shot session I wouldn't be able to speak to the professional context of authority.

At this point I'm looking at: 
1. One shot class with new college students.
2. As a result of this source type exercise at least 75% of the students will be able to identify where to look for information, and when faced with a citation, figure out where it came from.
3.Bring the future into this -- where will this be useful?
4. Plan on at LEAST a one minute paper on the difference between source types.
5. Is everything aligned?  I think this is a chance to reflect on MY part and ask the instructors to help me follow up. 

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