Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 4 - Technology

What technologies (and these can be old, new, or emerging) might be most appropriate for your final project?

My first thought is that technologies are not necessarily appropriate in this context.  I want students to examine physical materials first.  Given my lack of a computer classroom for instruction, I fall back on projection...but I think I can incorporate technology in a couple of ways.  
  • First, I already have students working in groups when examining periodicals.  If I gave each group a tablet that was linked to the online library, they could then find their periodical full text and the connection between physical periodical and electronic resource would be an added value.  
  • Second, I have access to the course software (E-companion) used by faculty and can, with the agreement of the faculty, include instructional videos as well.  This would be something I could do beforehand, but getting students to watch them would be harder.  I think it might be better to attach such a video to an assignment that corresponds to picking the correct material for the class.  Then the students could have something to help them recall the information we covered in class.

Does your final project align with any of the trends represented in the Horizon Report you reviewed? 

Yes, I would align the project with the following trends
  • Integration of Online, Hybrid, and Collaborative Learning - using tablets in class and including follow-up material in their course software
  • Flipped Classroom - this would be true if I could have students watch instructional material before coming to class.  This would definitely make the activity I bring more relevant.

How does your choice of technology enhance or improve instruction, or motivate learners?

  • Technology would enhance the experience for sure. Especially if they could search while I am in their classroom, so that I would be available to them if there were questions.  This harkens back to the FIDeLity feedback of week 2.  

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